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If you're a Parent, Carer or someone who works with children - then this is for you! 

Hi I'm Anna 👋

 As the founder of Screen-Safe and a mum of two girls, I'm right there with you navigating the digital world. My mission is to support parents, children, and schools in educating and empowering children and young people to stay safe online. 

With 17% of 3- and 4-year-olds having social media profiles (Ofcom), it's vital to start these conversations early. Through our creative and age-appropriate workshops, we provide tools, knowledge, and support to help children, parents, and schools enhance online safety in an engaging and non-judgmental way.

BUT It's not just about safety. We also need to build children’s self-esteem, confidence, and resilience to lead safer and healthier lives both on and offline in tomorrow's world. Through our work with parents and teachers we can reach more children and help them reach their potential in school and beyond. 

I'm here to help. Let's work together to keep children safe and thriving.

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5 Ways To Keep Your Child Safer Online in 2024

No fear - mongering, no judgement just five practical and important steps we all need to take to keep our children safer, happier and healthier online in 2024.

Informed parents, carers and teachers are the best form of online protection our children can have, whilst we build their knowledge and skills to navigate this world in a safe, respectful and healthy way. 

This guide is going to help you get started with clear steps you can take for what’s most relevant in 2024.

For Schools 🎉

Our work supports schools, and organisations that work with children, to cover a greater depth of online safety and digital wellbeing topics with their pupils. Helping all children build the confidence, knowledge and resilience to thrive in the digital world they are growing up in. 

Through a wide range of age-appropriate workshops, training and resources, all tailored to the relevant age/key stage in line with your PSHE and ICT curriculum's, we ensure a deeper learning and better wellbeing for your whole school community. 

We want all children to be able to enjoy and benefit from a positive online world but to also have the tools and knowledge to know what to do and where to go for help if that doesn't happen. We can do this by building their knowledge on the risks and how to spot them,  whilst also building their self esteem, resilience and confidence, to be able to navigate the online world of tomorrow. 

We are able to offer flexible packages to suit your needs and budgets. 

For Parents & Carers 🎉

Parents & Carers of Toddlers to Teens

Overwhelmed at trying to keep on top of what your child is able to see and do online? Frustrated with screentime and wondering how to talk to your child about online harms? Don't know how, when or if to have a conversation about pornography online?

Everything here is ready to help YOU in a non- judgmental and practial way so you can understand the risks yourself and have the tools, knowledge and support to help you guide and educate your child.

Whatever age and stage they are at, I've got resources, support and knowledge to help you keep them safer online whilst also educating them about protecting their privacy, build their digital literacy and wellbeing. 

    Covering social media, screentime, pornography online, gaming, group chats, cyberbullying and so much more! 

    Strategy Session with Anna

    Unlock the full potential of safe online experiences for your children with a live 'one to one' coaching session. In this personalised 1-hour consultation, Anna will guide you through the complexities of digital safety, tailor strategies to your family's specific needs, and equip you with effective tools and insights to protect your children from online harm. Secure a safer digital future for your children by empowering yourself today.

    Family Tech Agreements

    Creating a family technology use agreement with your child, whatever their age, can be a great way to establish healthy screen time habits and ensure their safety while using digital devices. 

    Pick which one(s) suits your child's age the best and feel free to edit as suits YOUR family and child. 

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